07 YZ450F Just Rolled Off the Truck

monkey down with the sickness

I notice some clicking or ticking sounds around the front sprocket area on deceleration in second and third gear. It may be nothing but it’s different than what my YZ250F sounds like on deceleration. It sounds like something loose. I’ve gone over this bike and every screw, nut and bolt is tight. It may be coming from the gears on the bottom side. Has anyone who has ridden the 07 noticed this? May just be new sounds on the new bike. I will keep an eye on it…

I finally got to ride my 07 YZ450.

I can hear all kinds of noises as the exhaust is ridiculously quiet!!! They all sound normal to me, valvetrain, clutch, and chain. I did 3 motos, 1.2 hours, at Starwest last night; it's a very jumpy supercross style track. All I can say is this bike is absolutely perfect! It has the good traits from all my previous bikes combined, power of 03/04 YZ450, but smoother, flickability and suspension of 04 CRF 250, but much improved, turning of 06 RMZ450, but rails ruts easier, and inviting cockpit ergos of Honda CRF450. This really is the perfect bike. I can't even tell you how stoked I am!!!

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