How do i put lights on a yz426?

well its a yz426 so it has no charging system or lights.

What do i need to buy to make it keep the battory charged?

You will need to buy a stator that puts out enough power to support lights. Check with BajaDesigns.

Is this what i need to run lights?

Its $179.99

With that do I need a battory or does the lights just work when the motor is on?

Yes that will work for lights. It wont work well but it will work. 45 watts isn't much for lighting. I had that one and while it worked it wasn't enough wattage for night riding. Enough to get you street legal but not enough for night riding.

I would go with a WR426 stator and flywheel. A little more $ but a lot more wattage = better lighting.

All you will need with either system is the stator, headlight, and a voltage regulator.

Voltage regulator is easy. Its just a shiny silver box with 2 leads. You "T" one lead of the regulator into the power lead going to your headlight and run the other lead to ground. Thats it. They run about $20-25

Check ebay for WR stator/flywheels. They are on there from time to time.

What if i put trail tech lights on(3X brighter) and use the cheeper kit? I dont want a wr fly wheel i want to keep the lighter yz one.

Could i buy that $180 kit and hook it up to a battory so it keeps teh battory charged? That way it would probably make my lights stay bright.

You could try it. But 45 watts isn't enough to run your lights AND charge a battery. Just like YZman said...It will work, but not very bright. Spending that much on the lights that are "3X brighter" doesn't make sense if you aren't going to provide enough power for them to draw from.

Will there be any engine case mods to pull leads from the WR stator? I don't really know how it works but I do know you gotta get it out somehow?

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