Does anyone have any inside information from Yamaha?

Just took a look at the crf150rb and it looks like a great bike for the wife. 22 hp, 170 lbs very nice! Dont want to buy a honda :devil: and would wait if Yamaha was planning on releasing this bike in '07

Yamaha's yz150f has been on the shelf for years now. And even though it runs, it has aged over time. The reason it wasn't released was because of the classes in the AMA. Honda has released theirs to apply pressure to the AMA to create a class. Along with knowing that their crf150 trail bike sold like gold, that they would try their hand in the minicycle market. Yamaha will release theirs soon, it will probably be as soon as 2008, and if the execs at Yamaha see that Hondas sold well over the winter months, it may be as early as the begining of summber 2007. Give it time, Yamaha will release theirs and it will be more reliable, better suspended and an all around better machine than the Honda.

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