Works Connection FRAME GUARD FOR A XR650L

I have seen some XR650L's here on TT with the "works connection" frame guards that were modified from the 650R, can anyone tell me witch ones they used for this (part # or year 650R). Also what did you have to modify to make them fit. I would like to add a set to my 04 650L.

I believe they are from an XR600 not a 650R, but maybe I am

But a part number or something would be nice I agree, a mod I have considered before. I was gonna buy some xr600 ones and try to fab if needed...

chime in guys who own them, in detail please.

They are NOT the guards from a 650R. Those will not fit, the frame is completely different.

The guards that will fit on the 650L are from an XR600. The only difference in the frame (at this location) between the 650L and the XR600 is the addition of the mounting points on the 650L for the buddy pegs. I ordered the XR600 frame guards and installed them on my 650L with no difficulties other than two minor modifications.

You will need to drill one hole on the Left frame guard to allow the lower mounting point for the buddy pegs to fit through. See here:Left Guard

You will need to cut one small slot on the Right guard to clear the lower buddy peg mounting bolt on that side. See here: Right Guard

Hope this helps. I like them on mine a lot, helps to protect some rather exposed wiring.

[edit] I tried to look up a part number for them from Works, but they are no longer shown on their web site (that i could find anyhow) I did find a couple of references to them being discontinued though when i Googled them. I did see them for sale from several web retailers, but if they are not making them anymore they could become hard to find. I would think somone else would have produced these for the XR600?


Thanks for the info :devil: . I will post where I find them for others also looking for these.

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