Fully dual-sported California 00' WR400 for sale

I'm selling my Yamaha. It's a canadian model 2000 WR400. It has the correct VIN# for dual sporting. It's plated with a green sticker. For anybody that wants a California sreet legal dirt bike this one fits the bill. The bike has 950 miles on it. Here is a list of the upgrades.

Pro taper bars

Baja Designs dual sport kit

White Bros. E-series pipe

Panoram computer

Scotts CNC machined top triple clamp

Scotts stabilizer mounting bracket

Scotts stabilizer post (I'm keeping the stabilizer)

New Dunlop 606 DOT tires (excellent D/S tires)

SideWinder Platinum O-ring chain (The same one Robby Knievel uses)

SideWinder Titanium/Moly rear sprocket

2001 Clutch basket (some 00' baskets were flawed)

Thumper radiator guards

Acerbis bark busters

White Bros. Enduro skid plate

Yamaha rear fender pouch

I also have the stock chain and rear sprocket (Both in great shape). I have a 13 tooth counter sprocket for the bike. I also have the stock top triple clamp. Comes with the Yamaha shop manual.

The reason I am selling this bike is I just bought a 02' KTM 520 EXC and I don't need two bikes.

Asking $4,500.00. I am located in the S.F. bay area. If interested I can be contacted through the following: ambrooks@pacbell.net

T-Talk P/M

(408) 230-0804

I was thinking about upgrading from my '99 to a '00 but I heard you had some funky custom 'short' seat foam installed..... Deal breaker right there :) If you need stock height seat foam I have the foam/cover that came with my IMS tank/seat that I'm not using.

Anyhow, anybody looking for a well maintained bike should give Mike a call.


I appreciate the offer Brian. Monty has already made the same offer so I'm "covered". I wouldn't want to limit my market to just the under 6' crowd..... :) . How was the riding up at Middle Creek on Saturday? Monty, Ratso, Howard and myself went to Digger Pines on Sunday and it was pretty nice!


Middle Creek was great - no dust, plenty of traction, just a bit of mud. Planning on going back Sunday if anybody is available.



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