06 WR450F OTD best price?

WHo has the best deals? im in Dallas

WHo has the best deals? im in Dallas

The dealer with the lowest price. Call around, get on cycletrader, go through the TT Store, do some legwork and find out :devil: ...SC

well i looked all those... I was hoping somene in texas know a dealer with 06. Are should i call like 1000 Yamaha dealers around texas to find the bike? :devil:

There's a good deal on '06WR450's in Australia ... perhaps i could get a dealer to call you and you could tell him how much you are prepared to pay. He could then put it next to him on a plane and bring it to your door, uncork it, run it in for you and give it its first service?

don't call 1000. call the closest 100 to you.

if it was my $$i sure would.........................

I'm in calif. no-help to you, but yesterday I bought a new 2006 WR450 for 5,799 OTD!!!! I got the last one...Hell of a deal..

When I bought mine I just played the dealers against each other. Make sure you talk out the door pricing and get it in writing.

Just for reference sake a dealer here (Montana) has one for $5600.

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