xr650r tank/shroud graphics

Bought a used 650 but did not have any grapkics.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Do you want to replace the stock graphics, have "custom" graphics made, or get one of the many aftermarket sets?

I would like the stock graphics but I think they come as part of the shroud set ($80-90) from HONDA. CAn you buy just stock factory graphics by themselves?

I looked into aftermarket and the only one I saw was the EVO set by factory effex

Is there any others out there?

All of the OE graphics are available from Honda alone. It is a factor of what you like vs. how long you think graphics should last (or rather, how often you want to change them). I personally don't like aftermarket graphics. Not only do I like the clean OE look, most aftermarket graphics don't stay on for long.

The OE Honda stuff is just like the rest of the bike.......QUALITY! I put some OE tank graphics on a used IMS tank and with the exception of a few race scratches, they are beautiful after 2 years.

Check out the link below. I just bought a tank decal at almost half price of what the dealer wanted.


Cool I found them under "stripes" at their web site.

Thanks! :devil:

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