2002 yz426

my 426 is rediculous to start as it is but after its really warm if you stall it ,it feels like you can't even kick it like it will only kick so far and then stops I have to pull decompress lever and clear it out then keep on kicking,this happens with or without the hot start can any one help before my foot falls off thankyou

Are you following the strick starting ritual?

1. Pull in the decomp lever

2. Kick it over a few times

3. Find top dead center (It will feel a little harder to kick when you get to this point)

4. Kick it down about an inch past when it starts to feel harder (Just past Top Dead Center)

5. Let go of the decomp lever

6. Let the kick starter rise to the top.

7. Kick as hard and fast as you can.

also.... make sure your hand is off the throttle .... completely....

that is the process for my yz400.. starts 1-2 kicks every time after initial start.

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