need gaskets for XR600R now 660

I got a used 1996 XR600R with a bigbore kit making it a 660 (from what the dealership told me anyway). The problem is no one knows where I can get a gasket set for the bike. I have oil leaking from bad gaskets on the head and what would be on a car the valve cover. Any ideas? its rideable now and the leakage isnt too bad but I need to get it taken care of. Thanks in advance

Try XR's only. I think they have head gaskets up to at least 102mm.

go to cometic web sight. they have all their applications there. i had my 86 xr6r bored . it uses the base and head gasket C7149 for hon. xl600 1983-87. i don't know if that will work for you, but you might find something.

thanks alot, I found out that they think the previous owner got the kit through Thumper-racing. So Ill try them, if that dosent work I have some more options now.

I have a brand new Wiseco 102mm piston, Wiseco part# 8248P1024A, 10.5:1 compression ratio, rings, pin, clips and head gasket, for the XR600 engine. $100.00, you pay the shipping. If interested, send me a PM.

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