hot engine in cold water

Anyone have any problems with running a hot bike through deep water?

I know that this can crack the block or worse but I see people do it all the time and several rides I plan on going on have water crossings. the last thing I want to do is warp my block or crack it in the middle of no where because someone thought it would be cool to add a water crossing.

96 xr600R air cooled

I've run my bike through freezing mountain streams on several occasions. No cracks/warps yet (that I know of). What does the damage is sucking water thru the carb. Water doesn't compress and can really screw up an engine if you suck in a lot. I've sucked in a little a bunch of times.

ive never had any problems running a hot air cooled bike/quad through water.

/Nxridge knocks on wood

Riding in Ontario, Canada takes us through water all the time. Our XRs (and most other popular dirt bikes) never developed case problems due to water crossings. Keep the water 5-6" below the seat.

I'm regularly up to and over the front fender and have never had any sort of problem. I've even got pics of it "steaming" it's way through a few nasty holes.

i hate going through huge puddles your cold for the rest of the day and soaked i wouldnt even dream of goin deep enough to have it over the front fender

wouldn't front fender depth be over the air box too? Or does it make enough of a wake to avoid the box?

Here in So Ca we had a wet winter (if you can call it winter) here earlier this year, with TONS of rain. I pushed my poor piggy through the washes, crossings, and muck up to my hips on many occasions and never even hiccuped. But a poor lil crf50 trying to keep up had water go through th K&N and enter via the carb into the cylinder and WHACk, bent the rod like a pretzel. I had borrowed the bike from a cousin to take a kid I know riding for his first time, cost me $500 to fix. But I think his fun will last a lifetime in his mind, so chit happens.

Water is fun here because its usually hot as hell when your riding and the water cools you down for a while, just dont do it an hour or less before ya go

thanks for the help I was always concerened about it.

I wouldn't park it there for any length of time but as long as your side plate fits well (XR650L) you can keep going well after the sound of the motor is muffled by water. It's a little eerie but she's yet to take a sip.

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