04 yz 450f subframe

will a 04 yz subframe fit on a 03 wr450 :devil:

iv been told they would but no rad overflow bracket is this true or not??

just whant to ride my bike its been broke all summer :thumbsdn::thumbsdn:

any help will be good

it might.

why not fix the one you have?

i broke the lower right bolt esr off got it welded and it didnt even last a ride without a crash

i'm 99% sure it will not. the seat mounting is different, or so i am told..

well if any one has or knows any one that has or did this let know what kina chaleng im up for

my kdx is getting boring, it doesnt put out the power of the good ol 450 :devil:

well i just orderd a new wr subframe tonight $375 :devil: vs $100 for the yz

but o well at least i know this one will fit :thumbsdn:

I just got an 04 WR and checked this out last night. The WR is significantly different with regards to the seat mounting and overflow tank. IMO paying the $$$ is better than modifying in this case even though it does suck.

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