Can I bypass my Dakar Kit headlight

Since my another thread is going and my part does not seem to be coming in

I was wondering if anyof you guys know if I could just get my headlight to work another way and still keep the kit on

The rest of the kit is working OK and only having problems with the headlight now

Thanks for any help

I'm wondering if you have your kit wired for AC or DC headlight. As I recall there are two ways to have the pins in the plastic connector to the board. It is labeled on the board. Doesn't the Dakar DS kit run the light DC and the stock regulator is removed....with all handled by the regulator-rectifier under the number plate. If so don't bypass.

It was all wired the proper way

The circuit board is not working and they told me that they soldered them wrong when they built them

So I was in need of a quik fix until the new board arrives

The light worked fine for 2 WHOLE weeks before it started to work on and off and now no worky no more


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