'00WR I Can't get the pig to Idle

I need some HELP PLEEASEE! I have a '00 WR400f with W/B E-series pipe with stock head pipe running 7 plates. I have had the exhaust on the bike since just after break-in, and never had problems until now.

The bike will not idle even on the go in the woods it will stall mid turn. If I turn the idle screw up till it will idle the bike runs great except when I twist and let off the throttle it will stay up around 2 thousand(guesstimate)RPM. It stays at this elevated idle for about thirty seconds then slows down to the correct idle speed.

I would put up with it this way if I were out in the dunes but in the tight woods this condition just will not do.

I have a friend who has the same bike with same problem but he never rides the bike so it doesn't affect him as it does me. lowder76@aol.com

What jetting are you running, are you de-octopossed? and what is your fuel screw set at in turns out from slightly seated. Sounds like you have problem with the pilot circuit which should be easily remedied.

If it "hangs high" in rpm then settles - its an indication of lean...but your 30 sec hanging high sounds quite a long time though.

Try tweaking the fuel screw out at 1/2 turn increments. If you get past about 2.5 you need a richer pilot jet (maybe). Ideally it should be between 1 and 2 turns from seated.

Fuel screw, what fuel screw ??? The one in the little inaccessible recess under the float bowl (bottom of the carb). If you want easy tweakability find the thread on Kouba-T and buy one via NH Kevin like the rest of us.

Also...when did you last clean the carb ??

No I am not de-octupussed, I just found Thumpertalk last night so it is the first I have heard of the octyprob.

I have always been afraid of messing with the jetting and had the mind set of why break it if it ain't broke but I guess it's broke so I gottta do something bout it.

I am no wizard when it comes to carbs but I am willing to play around. About this fuel screw add-on I am gonna have to get one.

The jetting is the stock jetting whatever it came with and I shamefully have to admit I have not cleaned the carb but I beleive today is the day to learn me something about carbs and I might look into the octyprob.

I read alot of the discussion about the octy and think I can figure it out so wish me luck.

The problem you are having is associated with a lean mixture and the e-series pipe. I had the same problem with the stock DVM needle and the Stock 42 pilot. Replace the DVM needle with an EKN on the third clip and up the pilot to a 45. You should then be able to roost and wake up the mid range like you wouldn't believe. Also turn your fuel screw back to 1 3/4 turns when you change the pilot. It will work great. Look at my settings in my signature file. Settings, complements of Taffy and JD....Thumpertalk jetting guru's.

Additionally you should be running atleast 9 disks on the e-series to take advantage of the increased power it provides. Most of us are running the whole stack (12) and are seeing excellent results.

good luck...

Bonzai :)

[ December 10, 2001: Message edited by: YAMAKAZE ]

My GOD this is great you guys are a life saver I figured,Insert problem.............Wait ...........wait................wait.........and .............I might get a reply.........maybe ........BOY WAS I WRONG this is awesome not even 24 hrs Thanks a million

I am just curious why, if his bike ran fine before, the problem now would all of the sudden be the jetting??? I run the same configuration he has and have had it like that for a while with no jetting problems. Just curious if anyone else has an opinion. Could this be a symptom of a bad throttle barrel?


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