owners maunal 650R

I don't have the manual but would like to know what it says for starting

I dont recall starting instructions in my manual but here is the recomended method.

Cold engine full choke. Push kick starter till you hit the hard spot. Pull the decompressor lever in and push the kickstarter down about a inch. Let the kickstarter recoil to the top and kick it all the way through. Should start after one or two kicks. After its running move the choke to about half till it warms up. The 650r is very easy to start because of the long kick starter. I only weigh about 140pds and mine starts fist kick. BTW for any questions first, log in and use the seach method that is located on the top right of the fourm. Its been cover many times before.

most cool!

are there any of these available for the L online? my boss would love my printing on out on the printer at work! :devil:

I was looking for the owners maunal not the shop manual I have that

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