Rear Sprocket Bolts Loose

I put on a Ironman Rear Sprocket with THERE supplied bolts with thread locker but they seem to be loose after a couple of rides.

Thanks to the loctite they don't come off but are always loose?

Should I put back on the OEM bolts or redo the exisiting bolts with fresh loctite?

When you are tightening the bolts do you tighten the nut or the bolt? Sounds a little crazy but the bolt heads are tapered so it's difficult to tighten them properly using the bolt. I always hold the bolt and tighten the nut. I have an Ironman sprocket on one of my bikes and I think the bolts are oem but not sure (came on the bike). I've never had a problem with them loosening.

Make sure between the sprocket and the hub there is no dirt, oil or anything. It needs to be very clean before you put it together. And torque the bolts in a criss cross fashion.

Good advice about tightening the nut instead of the bolt. Also for lock tite to work properly both parts must be cleaned with solvent.

Any time you use after market sprockets and bolts there is always a chance of a tiny difference between the sprocket taper and the bolt taper. Put locktite around the taper of the hole to fill in this tiny difference. If you are worried about hard removal don't be. It still easily comes apart easily. In fact I use JB weld on the taper. Never comes loose anymore and still comes apart with no problem.

Mine do the same thing just have to check them before every ride.Somebody at a shop told me they could stretch a bit and thats how they get loose I am not sure I replaced mine loctited them so far no problems.

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