On a YZ250F now looking at a new 07 450?

I have been riding my friends 05 CRF450 and do not like the power. It has TONS of power but I dont ride that hard ,winding it out, and it tumps along. I am thinking of getting a new bike either a YZ250F or there is still a possiblity I'll get a 450 but wondering if all the 450's thump in the lower RPM's...

Honestly, my 04 250 with a DRD pipe has plenty of power for me but If I am going to spend 7K I would rather have a 450 where it will last a very long time...



SoZo, I have a 450 now, and was debating between the 450 again, or a 250f. I decided on the 450, and im picking it up today.

anyways, if you did not like the power on the 450, then maybe its not the right bike for you. The 450 has plenty of power everywhere, low, mid, and top, so no, not all of it is in the bottom end thump. You need to ask yourself what you are going to be doing most of. If you are just going to MOto is, then the 250f will probably be the better opinion. Also, the 250f will be better on the tight trails and stuff. But, the 450 will suite better for hill climbs and wide open stuff. Now I really prefer the power of my 450 over my friends 250f, but thats because I'm used to it. My bike also tires me out fairly quickly, which I have been working out alot to help with that, but a 250f will be lighter and not tire you out as quickly. Its all your choice, but the way you make it sound...get the 250f and spend the saved money on getting your suspension done. :devil:

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