xr650 shifting problems

hey guys i have yet another shifting problem. if u can remeber back to the beginning of the summer i had a yz250 that wouldnt shift well it took all summer to save the money to fix it it turns out the person who ownded it before me mangaed to sheer teeth off the gears and all the peices got everywere and clogged up everything, plus i was still paying off the bike. anyways my dad bought a 1993 xr600 when he got it it worked wonderfully well a few weeks ago after it sitting all summer(he didnt go cause i couldnt) he decided to go for one last ride. well he hops on and puts around the complex and he cant get it out of first gear. he blames it on my bike for giving the disease to him but i think its been the 2 summers of absolutly beating on the poor bike we rode almost everyday and he rides it like a cr250 i know that bike wasnt made to be pounded and powershifted through all the gears its more of a flat out desert racing bike. he noticed it getting hard to shift on the last ride and know he cant shift period. the

first thing i thought was shifting fork but it hasnt come arpart yet what are your thoughts.

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