A Reason To Support The Privateers!!!!!!!

Awhile back I came in the forum and mentioned how I won a raffle involving Wonderwarthog racing, Plok/SoCal racing/Phmx and Decal Works in which I donated money and won the grand prize.....Clark Stiles 06 Yamaha YZ450F race weapon :thumbsdn: Because of various snags and issues I am just receiving the bike. Actually I ended with Jake Marsacks bike because after he broke his hip in four places, which ended the outdoor season early for him, I was given his #337 motocross bike. Darrel Saldana team manager, and Jim & Jake Marsack were very apologetic and supportive all the way through the crazy process. Jim is Jake's dad and mechanic and he is a very nice and down to earth person. Jake is a pretty cool dude and I'm told he loves talking to the young kids. Both guys are very nice and down to earth. Look for Plok/SoCal Racing/Yamaha to be doing some awesome things this year for the privateers. I usually don't win anything but I also usually proceed light hearted and in this expected maybe a ballcap or something but I won three different prizes. I do a lot of community outreach work and gang intervention stuff so maybe someone's looking out for me. :devil: The bike purrs like a kitten but when the throttle gets twisted it barks aggressively. The bike came set up for a tall rider. I readjusted the controls to my liking. The motor is modified and has a aftermarket ported head and full Dr D system. The suspension is butter, set up for outdoors and for a 180lb rider. The bike accelerates smooth but if you ask it to, it can strike like lightning. Some pics. My bored out yz420 still has a home because it is green stickered. Another good reason to give....maybe one day you might receive.






Awesome man, maybe someone is looking out for you! The engine only has 28.3 hours on it too! Ride on :devil:

Sick would be an understatement :devil:

Looks good!

Part of me wouldn't want to get it dirty....

Part of me wouldn't want to get it dirty....

Your feminine side? :devil:

I bet the clutch pull is butter! tht thing turns me o..nvm...

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