Help with brakelight conversion

I've got a 2006 xr650r that's plated in Idaho. I need to convert the tail light to brake light. I've got the hyraulic brake switch that replaces a banjo bolt in the rear master cylinder, but I need to change the bulb/wiring to a 3 wire. Can anyone who has done this steer me to part(s) that interchange easily with the stock set up. Thanks.

Look up the DRC insert. It is a replacement led insert that DRC makes for the XR line. It is bright and little juice is used to power it. Langston Racing and Wheeling Cycle both sell the DRC line. I have used both and they are good companies. I have the Edge2 taillight along with the Phantom taillight along with the insert. You can check my website for what the insert looks like. I have not yet mounted the Edge2 yet. I had it under the fender but I am remounting it to on top of the fender below the stock light. Have fun, Tony

Here is my website that I forgot:

click on the Xr picture of course

If you want to go cheap, go to an auto parts store and get a taillight/turnsignal pigtail to replace the one in the stock bulb socket.

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