? about Edelbrock Carb interchangeability

Search on this site sucks lately so if this has been covered :thumbsdn: but more XR xperts here than anywhere else :devil:

Is it possible to run the Edelbrock carb from the XR600R on the L?


They list them as 2 seperate part numbers,

Bore: 36x40mm oval for the XR600 carb and

Bore: 34x40mm oval for the XR650L carb

(the 600 carb is also $30 less)

Would the 2mm increase in the 600R carb make the L run worse? Looking for opinions, experience and ideas.

TIA :thumbsdn:

I dont see why not, I have heard of guys putting the one for the xr650R model on the xr650L model, I believe the xr650R part #is 3119. :devil:

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