68S Slow Jet

I have called all local Honda and motorcycle shops and no one seems to have ever heard of a 68S slow jet. They all said they could get me a 68, but no one said they could get a 68S. Where can I order it? Please let me know when you can... Thanks :devil:

Yeah, I ran into the same thing. The guy brought out a box of Keihin jets to fumble through and could not locate it. What works (or at least used to work) is a Honda part number for the jet. Try this P/N 99105-MBN-0680. When they hand it to you just look it over to make sure it actually says 68s on it. This jet has slightly smaller holes that supposedly atomize the fuel a little better than the plain 68.

Good luck! :devil:

Hey Brett,

I grew up in SD, and you should be able to get more parts and stuff for the 650R there, where I live they do not even stock the 650R at the dealers, let alone parts.

You are probably right. Still, those guys should at least be able to order it for you. If not, I would go with mail order through someone like XRS ONLY or Maybe 1xinternational.


Called Service Honda-they stated they list a "68" only, and Honda only offered a 68?

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