Need some torque specs QUICK

Hello there. I am working on a friend's (Andrew) 2003 YZ450F. He needed his valves checked and shimmed. He does not have a manual for this bike so he sas been doing the *it feels tight enough* to the oil filter and drain plugs. I have a YZ250F so I know the general specs but I want to be 100% sure.

I need to know the torque specs for the:

- top engine mount bolts ( all 3 )

- cam caps

- drain plugs

- cam chain tensioner (mounts and top bolt)

I was thingking of using the specs from my 250F but I thought the cam caps atleast would be different.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cam chain tensioner bolts are 8NMs I belive. The cam caps are 75 in/lbs. I just give the upper engine mount bolts a good torquing and the drain bolts I do by feel so I cant help you there.

Alright... I'm not doubting you but the cap bolts on my 250F are 86 in/lbs...

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