Made my purchase on the 2006 YZ450SE!

So If any of you remember, I have been debating between the WR450 and the YZ450...well i went in today and bought the YZ450SE...its the sweetest looking bike. I am excited, I dont have any pix, because its still at the dealer, im going back in a few hours to pick it up! :thumbsdn:

Im excited I got my first Yami!! :devil::thumbsdn:

Congrats you will love it im sure, I am waiting for the truck to come in they keep telling "tomorrow".. Cant wait

enjoy your ride and grease your linkage and headset right off the bat and tighten your spokes ,sprocket bolts and nuts and bolts. a:thumbsup:

congrats brotha!

Congrats, you will love it.

Nice man! I have have several guys at work that buy a new WR every year, but a few months ago I got them to buy yellow YZ yamahas! They love them!!!


Well I got some pictures up in my garage...check them out.

I have to say, I absolutely love this bike! The suspension is amasing, and it handles great, just a little front end push. But wow, amazingly light...awsome power, couldn't be more satisfied. :devil:

Congrats, now update your signature before we ride you out of town...

You bought the best looking bike period..........congrats. I luv mine too...specially now that it is set up perfectly!

Congrats, now update your signature before we ride you out of town...

There you go!...I hapily changed it. Mann I love this bike :devil::thumbsdn:

And change your avitar!

I changed mine, in anticipation of becomeing a yami owner once again.

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