XR650L Handlebar Vibes! Normal?

Hey Guys,

I Just got back from another ride (100 miles) and my hands are numb again.

This happened last weekend, but i thought it was because i hadnt ridden in awhile and i needed to get used to it again. I have been riding the bike almost daily, short distances and am still feeling it.

My hands are currently tingling and somewhat numb. I know this is a big thumper of a 4 stroke and its going to produce some vibes, but this is more then i expected.

Is this normal? Any suggestions as to how to alleviate some of the vibration? Steering damper? Different bars? Etc....

Is it because the bike is brand new and still needs to break in?

Thanks a bunch

i was getting the tingle hand thing for the first few rides on my 650L too, i finally realised that i was just grabbing the bars too hard. a slightly more relaxed grip while street riding and all tingles are gone :thumbsdn:

btw, just switched to a 14 tooth front sproket... what a difference that made, bike rips now :devil:

Your grip on the bars plays a big role in the tingling sensation. Have you tried some aftermarket grips over the stock rock ones? New ones helped me lose that itchy tingle in my hands. $15 for some nice ones, well worth it!

U may want to balance your front wheel you can do this yourself Or have a dealer do it.Although doing it yourself is easy and free.I used a Wheel weight from an old car rim.First get your front wheel off the ground then slack the pads off the brake rotor,spin your wheel and when it stops the heavy part of your wheel will rest at the bottom now clip the weight on a spoke 180* from the bottom and spin again now it's just a matter of trial and error, clip a little of the lead away or add another weight until your wheel is balanced .Worked wonders for my ride.

Thanks Guys!

I actually have new grips on order and should be here monday or tuesday.

Yes its a big thumper, and it's normal. solid bar mounts and oem grips. It helps to relax your grip on the bars a little. I put the protaper bars and some scott sx11 grips on, once the new wore off the grips, no more tingles and the bar placement is so much better than the stockers, also protaper claims the bars absorb some of the vibes, that the stock honda bendamatics actually amplify. Good luck with your good vibrations! :devil:

Thanks Guys

I am going to be installing a Scotts Triple Clamp Steering Stabilize Combo and there are options to use either a soild handle bar mount of one with rubber type bushings. I am going to try the ones with the bushings and some protapers.


Try the rsw racing upper triple clamp it has adjustable bar mounts and is inexspensive compared to the others available, also its available with either bar size mounts and is billet. rsw also has a fork brace that will really tighten up the front end, also billet at half of what others sell for. I have not seen the need for the steering stabilizer and at the $500 price tag I can not justify it. :devil:

I do not know how you would make the bushings work with the stock upper clamp? :devil:

I do not know how you would make the bushings work with the stock upper clamp? :devil:

No, the rubber bushings are used in between the Scotts handlebar clamps and the Scotts triple clamp. They are supposed to be there to help suppress vibes!

Weighted bar ends,bar snakes,aluminum bars,padded gloves...these are a few options you can also try.

This set-up virtually eliminated the vibes for me


ProTaper Contour Bars (about $70? +adapters $30), ProGrip Rally Grips ($15). I've got the fancy Bonz mounts and Cycra Gaurds, but you don't need those to eliminate the Vibrations. Those bars and grips are also A LOT more comfortable.

I agree with all the replies, bars, grips and gripping too tight when not needed whil fatigue your arms and hands quite a bit giving you the buzz.

When we gonna ride Dog? lol

Been working a lot on my hot rod, getting her ready to cruise. So a ride hasnt been on the front burner, but I am down...

My cousing is itching for a day out riding as well. Gotta hook something up.


Okay, I knew where the bushings went, just didnt realize you weree going to spend $700 on all the scotts stuff. I got my bars for $62, triple clamp for $125, grips for $10, and fork brace for $80, total $277. Give it a try if you dont like you can always sell the parts you want to change. :devil:

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