Pro Taper contour bars and acerbis pro handguards

I cant get the clamp on the bars there two fat

do I need to get a bigger size clamp ? do they make a bigger one for these fat bars?

do I need just use a longer screws

i just looked into this

the acerbis guards are NOT available with the kit for the larger bars

They sell a "Fit Kit" for pro-taper or larger bars, and it has to be bought seperately and is about $35

Personally, i think you should be able to buy them in either size complete from the get-go!

Lame on Acerbis part! :thumbsdn:

Kickass guards though! :devil:

Which ones you go with? I got the Rally Pro

I have the rally pro I bought for both bikes

they worked fine on the stock bars on the 650L

but not or fat bars

what shall I do?

give me link to the fit kit

I just have to order it up


I will check for the link in a few minutes

Also, i just tried installing mine and the end of the lever had to be trimmed a little bit because it was hitting the guard.

Did you experience this?


All the Acerbis rally pro 2 handguards that I have seen don't come with mounting hardware. They used to , but for a while now, all the bike shops where I live have only carried the guards. Then on another peg next to them, you buy the appropriate mounting kit (from Acerbis) for you bars. Standard or oversized. They started doing this, because you wasted money on the whole kit, when you didn't need the standard bar size hardware. They also adjusted the price accordingly: Guards + Mounting hardware= Original price of complete kit. They do exist, I just don't know if your shop has them. Cycle Gear does, if you've got one of those close by. Hope that helps. Tommy

I just put some ProTaper Contour Bars on my Bike the other night. I'm running the KX HI bend, I bought the ProTaper Universal Adapters but my Handguards (Cycra ProBend) didn't work so I bought eh Bonz Triple clamp mount for 1 1/8" bars.

It's a sweet set-up, the Bonz mounts were expensive but they are some nice bling.

Cycra no trimming and bar specific. I think the clamp on the bars promotes vibration, gonna try the triple clamp mounts this go around.

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