AP question (search disabled)

so ive been researching a lot recently about the AP tuning for the YZ. almost all of the stuff ive read are for 2000ish-2004 bikes. ive got a 98 YZ400 and my FCR looks a lil different from my buddies 2000 426.

so the question ive got is, which mod should i start with to adjust the AP timing/duration/volume. the bike is totally stock. but has a pretty good bog. ive ridden it like this now for about a year and kinda just ended up learning how to ride with it.

when i rode my friends 426, obviously it already had been tuned cause theres no bog and its 10 times more fun to ride that way.

can anyone help me out who has maybe done it on theyre older (1998-1999) YZ?

thanks a bunch folks! :devil:

as far as I know there is just the "Taffy" mod for the 400's


Quoted from the above posted link

"The purpose of the Taffy mod is to limit the duration of the coast enricher."

Just an FYI, as far as I know, the Taffy mod limits the duration of the accelerator pump stroke. The coast enricher is another name for the air cut valve (ACV), which richens the pilot circuit (WR's only) on decel (coasting) by cutting the air supply to the pilot in half. :devil:

Can't say what AP mods can be done on the 400, but without a leak jet, I think you are limited to duration mods (Taffy mod), pump diaphragms and possibly wiring the linkage.

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