Hydraulic clutch conversion?

Let me just start by saying YES, it`s worth every penny.... There are several companies offering these types of units and the prices vary quite a bit but I think that your best buy would be the Hebo unit. I think it`s the cheapest (189$) and it`s construction is pretty rugged. The difference in cluth pull is night and day... it becomes a one finger operation. They are the same units as the ones installed on KTM`s. The guys at erider gave me pretty good service too... I`m in Montreal and got my unit within 1 1/2 - 2 weeks.


Anyways, hope this help


Guy, Do it!! Yes it's worth it!! I have the Hebo and it's very smooth and easy to pull.

Guy Go Do It! It is well worth it, I too have the Hebo and love it. You can do a search on (Hebo Clutch or Juice Clutch) and get more info. Good Luck.

Ride Safe And Ride Often

Who out there has done this, and what are your impressions of it..worth the cash?

I am considering it and would value all your comments :)



I have the Hebo also and love it. The Hebo is OEM on Gas Gas models, not the KTM. KTM's use a Magura set up which doesn't give as easy a clutch pull as the Hebo. My recommendation is get a Hebo universal kit and also a standard spare lever. The lever that comes with the kit is a shorty style but has an unusual bend that can take a little getting used to.

I have experience with the Billetanium unit and it doesn't give the range of adjustment the Hebo or the Magura has, not to mention a harder lever pull.

The only bad thing about a "juice" clutch is the fact that "it always has the same take-up point". The bad thing about that is if you are frying your clutch in some "bad" spot on a ride you lose feed back from the fact that the lever "feels" the same and you don't know its time to stop and give the clutch a while to cool off! I've seen one guy one a dual sport ride that totally cooked his for that reason. Good luck!

I use a Works Connection billet clutch perch w/decompression lever mounted below. The clutch lever has a bearing in the pivot and the action/pull is pretty darn light. Maybe not as light as a hydro unit but I still have a few bucks left in my wallet. Compared to the pull on my KX500 the stock WR pull is like butter :)


:) Well that looks like a pretty conclusive YES to me!, I had pretty much made my mind up anyway, after Taffy's recommendation but you guy's have just sealed it, One Hydro clutch to go please! LOL :D

Guy, Im glad that most of us agree with Taffy, I'de hate to be wrong. You'de be amazed how many smart guys there are here, MX Tuner gave you some great advice too. Oh yea, this guy can ride too!!

What is this - a Hebo lovefest?

Yeah, I've got one (Hebo) too - of course it makes the clutch a one finger pull (buttery describes it well) - sure mine only cost half of what a Magura cost at the time - certainly it was easy to install - Yes I love mine.

I just really miss the arm pump on a really tight ugly section.....

Try it, you'll love it. The stock pull wasn't all that bad - these just make it very very good. What can I say?

ARM PUMP IN A TRIGHT SECTION! :D When have you rode in a tight section. You don't even ride that clean pretty bike of yours. :D Hey Mike how you, the boys and I try and go to Hollister on Saturday Dec 22nd. I am trying to get a kitchen pass :D Yes were getting the indoor swimming pool under the house cleaned up (Dam builder and his fine plumber didn't hook up the drain to the bath tub so all the waters been going under the house) :)

Who needs to Christmas shop! Let's put it together.

As a new 426 rider as well as new to the group.. Do you guys mind if I tag along on this Hollister trip???? I was there yesterday and it's awesome, great traction.. I dont think my front wheel ever touched the ground!!! Oh yeah, there was that ugly endo...

who has the best buy on a hebo clutch?

Itsamre, A hydraulic clutch must be adjusted and set up properly to prevent that exact thing from happening. The clutch can creat problems if not installed correctly.

Try Jim Cook at Smackover Motorsports. He's a Gas Gas dealer and a great guy. Tell him Tuner sent you. Well, no, don't. He may raise the price. Anyways, go to www.smackovermotorsports.com for a link to his shop. If you have any issues or questions installing it, e-mail me and I'll give you some pointers.

I just did the conversion myself. I bought a KTM 520 EXC. Sorry guys, every time I see this post that thought goes through my head. I held out as long as I could............. :) .


I would recommend Jim Cook also. I purchased a Pacemaker3 from them and got a good price from what I remember. The Hebo could also be purchased from erider.com. That's where I bought mine. Get an extra lever while you're at it.

YAHOOOOOOO I GOT A KITCHEN PASS :) Michael,rwcfrank,klxer and anyone else, going to HOLLISTER on Saturday Dec 22nd. Come and join us.

I've used the Hebo for about a year with good success-until last week. The slave cylinder popped a leak and lost all clutch action. I'm guessing the mud and grime got in there and ruined the seals, the unit frankly is not sealed all that well.

Does anyone know how to rebuild these things? Or know where to send it back to have rebuilt?

BTW, the clutch action is smoother-no notchiness, but I've felt a few MSR's too and they felt pretty much about the same pull, but of course it will get notchy as the cable wears/gets dirty.

:) It's the Magura that I'm interested in as I've a mate who can get me it at trade price, also the Magura has the De-comp lever mount built in and not seperate,

All spares are fully available, levers, hoses, seals etc etc......

Hmmn...I cant wait now, its like Christmas....Oh yeah IT IS Christmas!! :D

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