Gone Red and Blue

Guys I got a sweet deal on a 06Yz450 $4995 plus tax and no fees, fill the online app, they sale person calls at 10am "Congrats you've been aproved" but theres a problem, now i'm sweating we sold the last 06 last week, and offered the 07 for $6090, well I wasnt expecting to spend taht much so I asked about the 06CRF, SORRY GUYS, and he says $5295, how's taht for an arm twister, so in the end I went for the CRF,,,,,,,,,but dont hate yet, I still got on sweet Yz426 SUPERMOTO.... Abenarthy's Cycle
















That is NICE man, congrats on the bike! Does the black frame look like it's holding up well?

The frame is powder coated so it'll hold pretty good

So how did they have a sweet deal on a YZ for you if they sold it the week before? Man you shoulda taken your cash somewhere else and got the YZ. The Honda is a nice bike, and it is the ultimate Flatbiller Machine, but I'm afraid you will be sorry.

I did take my cash elsewhere but they everyone wanted MSRP $6995 plus freight, dealer fees, setup fees and taxes =$8600

Yeah but are you going to have to learn to love the Honda?

I used to race MX on Hondas and they suit my style a little better, dont race anymore tou, what's so bad about the hondas? the valve problems with the 03 and 04 are long gone, and they are built though, the only fallback i could think it's that i'll need a brace for the radiators and change the front tire.

Always nice to get a new bike, congrats on that. If you only keep it for a year or so, you'll be fine. That's when they start to crap out and you'll once again call on the YZF...

I'm just messin' with ya. My buddy has had pretty good luck with his 04 CRF450.

I think the Honda is fine since you can work on it :devil: , but I think that SM is totaly bad ass dude! I would love to ride one of them!!!

Thanks Guys

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