Headlight bulb keeps blowing

My headlight bulb keeps blowing out. Last time I replaced it with a Yamaha specific bulb...it burned ok for about 10 minutes during which I ran and shut the bike off a couple of times...and then burned out. This is the third headlight bulb I've stuck in it with the same results.

Any ideas on solutions or fairly simple troubleshooting??

Billy Reed

What is the voltage going to the bulb while the motor is running. Maybe it is too high.

Check voltage. The headlamsp uses a seperate AC coil, unregulated to generate electricity for the lighting. If you have a failed tail lamp, this will result in extra for the headlamps. Also, make sure the connections are good. I had a KDX that ate bulbs. It was a poor connection at the bulbs, heat generated would melt the little solder nubs on the buld creating an open or sending het insire the bulb destroying it.

The AC voltage to the headlight and taillight is regulated at ~13.5 volts. I had the same problem of blowing out bulbs and the cause was the regulator went kaput and was putting out 17+ volts AC. Replaced the regulator and all is well.

Bad voltage regulator. These things happen.

Did you touch the glass part of the bulb while putting it in? On automotive bulbs, if you touch the glass while putting it in your bulb will blow out in a VERY short time.

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