What fork and shock springs are in '07 YZ450's?

The online parts catalogs don't have the '07's listed yet, can someone that has an '07 YZ450 tell me what the spring rates are? I thought I heard something about softer spring rates so I want to see if they do come with softer springs. It should say what the stock spring rates are in your owners manual.

I believe the '06 came with a 5.4 shock and .46 fork springs.




According to RT's info, the only one I've seen for an '07, they measured the forks at 0.48 and the shock at 5.5.


the manual says 5.5 and .469

Thanks guys, I saw that Race Tech was listing them as stiffer than the '06's, that's why I wanted someone to look in their '07 manual to make sure.

My buddy's looking into buying an '07 YZ450 and I was hoping to be able to swap springs with him since he's a little heavy and I'm a little light for the stock setups. So much for that idea. Looks like I need to find somebody that has some '06 YZ250F springs, they're a little lighter than what's in the 450's.

Thanks again, sometimes all it takes is a little bump of a post to get a response, otherwise it gets buried.

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