anyone out there know if a 2006 YZ450 plastics will fit a 2007 WR450 ?


Why did you repost the same question? Do you own an '07 WR? If so, you're the first one, so you have the most knowledge about what's out there and what works. I have not heard of the '07 being available anywhere yet, so it is still an unknown. Next time, just bump your old post if you haven't gotten a response...SC

at this moment in time I'm also waiting but intend on replacing the plastics with the limited addition yellow plastics as soon as I take ownership. I live in South Africa and don't have the luxury of mail ordering after market plastics and decal kits as you guys in the USA. It can take up to 2 months to get things shipped out through the local dealers. Yamaha South Africa are landing the bikes the second week in November and I would like to be ready.




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