Monthly Poll: Riding Experience

We've done the age thing, now let's see how many years you have on two wheels, dirt and/or street. I've got 28 under my belt. I'm going to try to come up with a poll every month, just to keep things interesting. PM me if you have any topic ideas :devil: ...SC

15 years of twisting the throttle :devil:

If you count both street and dirt it's 30 years :devil:

First bike - 1978 Harley-Davidson (Aermacchi) SX250, bought it new.


I rode a little when I was young; maybe started at 12 or 13, but never had my own bike. Now this is my 4th season trail riding and my first racing hare scrambles. I ride more and more each year. :devil: These are the ones that count. :thumbsdn:

30 Years of riding mostly dirtbikes. I have a 1985 Honda VF1000F2 Boldor also but I don't really like the handling of roadbikes much. Apart from that there's too many idiots driving out there on the tar with four wheels & eyes closed to bikes.

I'm only 20 but have been riding since I was 5 years old. Started on a PW80, I'm currently riding a 2003 WR450F.

32 years all dirt got my first bke when I was twelve. The only time I can remember not having a dirt bike was a few years in college. Still wish I could ride every weekend. working on them is almost as much fun as riding them.

Started on a 1981 Yamaha MX-100, 20 years ago at age 10 :thumbsdn:

Had a 1995 Kawasaki KLX-650C dual sport through college, up until about 2 months ago. Only took the KLX trail riding a couple times a year for the last few years cause it was just too heavy :devil:

Got a 2006 WR 450F about 6 weeks ago, and been on trails and / or a track everyweekend since :thumbsdn::excuseme:

I've been riding dirt/street for about 40 yrs. Started riding mini bikes when I was just a little guy. I rode mostly dirt until I was a teenager then I moved to the street. My first dirt bike was a Suzuki 90 (don't remember the year) and my first street bike was an 1977 Yamaha RD400.... :devil::thumbsdn:

Let's see - four into three, carry the nine..... hmmmm

Got my SL70 in 1971 on my 10th birthday, got a Hodaka Ratty Rat in 1975, got a YZ125 in 1978, RM250 in '82 -

no bike from '83 til '88,

another RM250 from 1988 to 1992 (rode that one straight into the ground - gave it away to some random guy who put a 2nd-over bore into it and got a good four months of riding before it blew completely)

I rode nearly daily, certainly every weekend, racing whenever possible during those years shown above. (As expected, the older I got the less time I had to ride)

Large "no-bike" gap (1992-2006)

Picked up my WR400 in April of this year for a birthday present to me for surviving 45 years.

That more-or-less adds up to 15 very solid years of riding. Mostly very fast trails (my riding partner for several years was the Open Intermediate Number One in District 37 Desert at one point) for several thousand miles and countless MX laps, plus many actual races.

Have ridden the WR400 seriously 3 or 4 times (blasting through the gears on an open field doesn't really count in my eyes) over the summer- it's all coming back to me - sweet!

30 years on dirt, had a street bike for a couple years but got too many tickets. Had a few dual sports too but am back to dirt only.

I really hate counting years, or summers. I was too little to ride what people rode back then. No little bikes, at least not on dirt, so I just hang out and made friends with the riders. Eventually I grew up enough and became a known quantity and helped alot with tuning and repairs so I got a ride on a Bultaco Frontera 370, that was the enduro version, the Pursang was the MX. Blue all the way to the steel swingarm and shocks.

Later a YZ125, the first with aluminum Triangle monoshock (under the seat, that was a good seat).

Eventually I worked to make enough and have an 81 RM125.

Stayed with 2 strokes and hated the idea of having someday to switch to a 4stroke and couldn't find anything wrong with KTM300s in the late 90s.

But I thought I missed something and tried an 04 WR450.

PIG! PIG! I bet it could make a good flat tracker but this is not a dirt bike!

I'll sell it soon to a kid that wants to look like an enduro or MX champion who ride bikes that look like this.

I might be one of the trueist newbies out there. I started riding in March on a TTR 225, rode it for two month and two or three races. In late may or early June I bought a new 06 WR 450 and have not stopped riding yet you cant get me off of it. I love it.

First threw a leg over in 1964

35years now hate to see this riding season end here in michigan.i will retire at the end of this year,looking forward to many more miles of both dirt and street riding.

a few.... started riding at about 25, way too late. took a "break" from 1995 till 2004 after a crash that caused a c1-c2 neck fracture. back to trail riding with my son for the past 2 years, way slower, way more careful.

Just found the thumper talk web site this week and there are some great articles. I had always rode 2 strokes, now have a yz400f.




2006 WR450F - FIRST 4 STROKE OFF ROAD - NICE !:mad:

Started riding in 1964 & still get a tingle when I throw a leg over.

Brought up on two wheels! Lucky me! ~15 years of riding on and off.

I missed a few years to school work and university.......

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