Drag racing a CRF!! Against my WR426!!

Don't even think about posting a reply with "It's all about the rider". I know and totally agree. I just thought I'de tell you all what happend to me when I drag raced my buddies new CRF450. This means nothing but I thought I'de waste some hard drive space on TT since everybody else does.

We were side by side when I started to rev my WR and my buddy looked at me and got the hint. We were probably going 30mph when we both gave it gas, his bike immediatly took off faster my bike. I stayed close behind him and eventualy caught up to him. The biggest surprize for both of us was we were expecting my bike to run away from the Honda up to but I would say that my bike was only 2 miles faster on the top end. That's pretty impressive that their "close ratio tranny" kept up with the WR's Wide ratio.

Both bikes had stock gearing.

We weigh about the same.

My bike has a PC-T4 with YZ timing.

Oh, did I mention that the Honda is fast,slim,light and sexy looking. Oh man, I gonna start a global war here but he had to kick that bike a few times to get it going. He's the best rider I know in my group and has owned 2 Suzuki dealerships and has total understanding how to start the thing but my Yamahard to start lit up with a half of a kick..

it's all rider.

WR won't rev as high or as fast as YZF.

Sexy Looking means nothing to me....I want to ride my bike not Make love to it....If I want Sexy Looking I just go home to the wife....

Bonzai :)

Originally posted by YAMAKAZE:

Sexy Looking means nothing to me....I want to ride my bike not Make love to it....If I want Sexy Looking I just go home to the wife....

Bonzai :D

:D:) ROFL...Spot on Kaze! :D:D

Originally posted by SoCalWR426:

[QB]WR won't rev as high or as fast as YZF.

I better tell my bike to slow down a bit eh! :)

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your still about then you aussie git! :)

where ya been?


G'Day Taffy.How Ya been. It has been a while since I looked in on TT.The Kangaroo that ran the generator passed away a few months ago :) (Not realy) he's still alive :D .Ive been getting stuck into work through winter so I can take time off to go riding through summer.I noticed you've made some major changes to your jetting,is this for any particular reason or just a tinkering thing. Have JD and Clark been dropping in lately.

clark has stopped here. i think i saw a one off about 3 months ago. but he has a katoom 520 now so you may catch him over on orange square.

JD has gone right off the boil this last month. but according to the lads he has always serviced other sites with his deft skills.

most of my work is on the thread "jetting Q's" which is still current. all my work is there. i've found one hellofalot since you went. it's been an interesting, sometimes exciting slog but i'm pretty much there.

my bike is advertised and yet i was still out testing and reporting on sunday. it was only this previous sunday that i put the APJ back on.

i thought you'd like that! i think it's easier if you go read that thread, especially a piece on 7/10 and 20/10 which i'm sure you'll find very interesting!!!

anyway glad to have you around.


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