Quick Carb question

Sure you XRL guys are familiar with the Daves Mods, Wanted to know that’s for everything stock carb wise right?

I believe the idea is to improve throttle response and fuel mixture under all conditions, to change the fuel mixture you must change the 152 stock jet for a larger one in the 158-165 range depending on your other mods and elevation above sea level. However I am sure if you performed the mods and retained the stock jetting I would say that it would have to improve drivability, and shimming the needle minutely richens the bike. If you did the mods on a stock bike without changing the main jet, I would NOT remove the snorkel or add aftermarket exhuast.

What I was thinking about doing was the carb mods, desmogg, remove snorkel and maybe take off the exhaust baffle/end cap. How do you think it might work out?

change your main jet to a 160 and you should be fine, put in a new spark plug run it for a while pull the plug and check it out, tthe magic color is brown, not grey, nor black. good luck with it :devil:

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