Quick question about xr650r steering stem

Here's a quickie: I lost my steering stem from my 'R' (don't ask, wife went garage cleaning mad), and need to buy another. Just noticed RG3 sells a machined billet aluminum one that fits all Honda; does anyone know what the stock unit was made out of and if it was billet or cast, etc? It's been awhile since I've seen one, and usually I like to keep with stock, but the RG3 unit might be a bit nicer for less money. Thanks! :devil:

Be careful with the statement from RG3 that it "fits all Hondas." Most aftermarket companies, and especially ones that specialize in stuff for the motocross crowd don't even acknowledge the XR650R as a bike. The 650R uses the same lower bearing as all of the recent CR/CRF motocrossers, but it has a smaller upper bearing. A "universal" steering stem may not work. A CR500 has identical steering stem bearings to the 650R, so it should fit. I only wonder about the length of this stem. I have a complete triple clamp assembly for a CR500 (stem and clamp) coming to put on my 650 (USD forks). I am using Yamaha clamps, but I just want the Honda parts, and no one in the aftermarket is making lower clamps for CR500's anymore. I should have the parts on by the middle of next week. If it is the same, I'll have a spare stem that I could sell you! :devil:

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