Rear wheel slightly bent help

My rear wheel on my 06 yz450f is got a slight bulge or ripple in it where it is bent. Tire is holding air fine, and only way I noticed it was I got donr riding and was going across my driveway and guy said my wheel had a slight wobble. I really dont want to buy a new one so is this a major deal or should I just ride on? I dont race just tracks and trail ride, for fun.

If its just a slight dent in the side, I wouldn't worry about it. My rim has a few dents and flat spots from landing big jumps. I religiously keep my spokes tight and wheel true... but they still bend. That sh$t happens.

whats the best way to keep wheel true?

whats the best way to keep wheel true?

Well, I guess that depends who you talk to lol. I've heard of so many different ways to do it, I'm not really sure whats the right way. I just tighten every third spoke, and go three times around with the wheel. You should go around and "ding" each spoke with the wrench and try to get them to "chime" equally. Doing it this way has kept my rims turning nice and straight....

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