Tire-Tube Sizes

Need to replace front tire - Dunlop 606 90/90-21 seems to be available at many sites. Tubes for 21 inch tires seem to be in 100/80 and other sizes (everything but 90/90) :devil: . Are they interchangeable or how close do I have to get?

Any recommendations to prevent flats - had a good day of riding cut way short due to blown front tire - feels kinda squirrelly when those things go. Was running stock wheel.

Use a Bridgestone ultra heavy duty tube. There's nothing wrong with the stock wheel. Running 15lbs. of air helps too.

Any of those tubes will work just fine.

Be sure to have enough air. I usually run about 14 psi in my tires when there are lots of square edged rocks. Use the engine and lift that front wheel over the worst rocks. Rear wheels are tougher than the front when it comes to pinch flats. Not immune, it just takes a bigger rock to blow the rear.

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