oh, it's on!! trans-am trail

i just finished reading about the www.transamtrail.com and am psyched! i plan to do this sometime in the next 25-30 years and would like some pointers from iron butt wr riders. my 2000 is st. legal and no part will go overlooked before the trip. what to take? what not to take? how much money? will the wr make it? will i make it? will the earth implode before i get to do this?

i say all wr TTr's must take a month off next year and join me for a most epic run! who's with me? and yes, we're starting on the east coast and working west. and your buying!! :D:D:D:D:):D:D

Dr. McCoy :D ,

That looks wicked excellent! I would VERY SERIOUSLY consider this adventure (of a lifetime).

Instead of starting in VA, how about NH? :D


Who the heck wants to wait while Mr. Screwdriver has to stop, hop off his bike, roll out his tool roll, find the scrrewdriver, adjust it, roll it back into his tool roll, mount it on the bike, re-start after stalling the engine and go.

Us Kouba carbed Thumper Riders will just reach down, give a quick twist and blast on, leaving Mr. Screwdriver in the Dust! :)

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I've been fantasizing about the Trans-america trail for a couple of years now. I even sent away for some info. It seems to be a pretty high price for one person for the whole route's maps and info, but spread out among several riders it would be much more reasonable. And I do share the concern of whether or not my bike would make it all the way without too many pit stops. I'm hoping someday in the near future to definitely do the thing--maybe with some fellow TT'rs, east to west (and back again??!!), of course.

Why on earth would I drive to NH when I have to pass Va. on the way back down? We could just meet at Tenn. or something. I stayed up late last night thinking about the bears and murderous hitchhikers throughout the U.S.. But I'm still ready. Just need to win the lottery!

Wouldn't that trip be awesome? I will do it! Oh yes, one day I will conquer the earth!!


Cool! I could be talked into this… OK enough talk, when are we going?

I figure I’ll need to ask for 5 consecutive weeks off from work. 4 to do the ride and 1 week to recover from a serious case of monkey butt!

I met these four Brits riding around the world on DR350s at the LA-B2V ride this year. Those guys were great! They had already been across Europe, Central Asia and through Japan before shipping their bikes to California. These guys had some pretty amazing stories. There is a little info on them from their woefully out of date web page at http://www.terracirca.co.uk I think the worst thing they had to deal with thus far was one of the guy’s bikes was stolen the day after they uncrated them in LA. Any of you guys living in So Cal keep an eye out for a well used (~20,000 miles) DR 350 with a GB plate and all kinds of funky brackets/braces/mounts/boxes welded to the frame. Checkout http://www.millhill.org.uk/topterrace/terracirca.html for some pics of their loaded down bikes. Amazing…

The $**thead that stole Gerry Vince’s motorcycle needs to be shot!

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