07 Ride report part 1

Broke in my bike today it is fully stock.. I am 6'3 and race vet Int/Exprt...

The bike fits me well I pushed the bars forward some and that opened the cockpit up. I set the suspension in the middle on both ends.. I put a yamaha Hour meter for the motor on there (very cool gadget) I greased the steering and wheels bearing and going to do the linkage /swingarm this week when i take off my suspension to get it revalved. Raised the forks 6+ mm also

On the track the bike I felt at home within 2 laps, and was seat bouncing everything at the track on my third lap (E st mx track in norcal) .. The motor compared to my last bike (RMZ 450) is electric like with outstanding tractable torque.. I was seat bouncing off a slippery mess at angle and the bike just sticks.. I was very impressed with that and made me feel I could push it.. The suspension is good for stock I was getting beat up as the track started getting rough.. E st track gets rough with lots of rollers and square edge bumps.. i was getting bucked around pretty bad but with my weight its inevitable...

The jetting is ok with the stock pipe it was popping a tiny bit when I was letting off after having it on hard coming into corners.. I will mess with more but I will probably put a Dr D since I get them so cheap.

The brakes were very good and i was confident in charging to the last second before braking in the turns.

Compared to my RMZ 450 that had a yoshi pipe and suspenion was revalved I would say the YZ fits me better.. My rmz had tall seat and tall bars and the yz with the bar clamps turned around and bars pushed forward a little fit me better. The rmz turned better but that has alot to do with my stock springs on the YZ.. Once I have the suspension done I think the YZ will turn and handle like a dream, it is a very stable bike. Jumping hands down i feel better on the YZ.. I felt great jumping the bike as long as I was downsiding them perfect, I overshot the triple stepdown and it was not pretty lol I came down like a ton of bricks but pulled it off...

This is the best 450 I have owned and I have owned EVERY 450 made besides a TM and husky.. I never felt more comfortable on a new bike in two laps. I am pumped on it..With suspension set up maybe a tooth in the rear sprocket or a pipe this will be one bad mofo... I will post a second report when the bike is better set up to my weight.

I will have some pictures this week .


Nice update.

Send us some pictures during your first race on. I want to see that grin from ear to ear out of the gate. :devil:

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