part number for HRC Power up kit 650R?

part number for HRC Power up kit 650R?


Power Up Kit (Cam, Wide Cam Chain, Tensioner, Piston, etc...)


There's the number, now try to find one. The last time that I had to order one, my dealer told me that they were getting harder to find. But this was three months ago, so who knows now.



I have a HRC kit for the XR650R. I will part with it for $1000.00. :devil:

you can get them new for $922

New for $922, can you find one? I know rideaide he is reputable, but go ahead look, when you can not find one, you will know where you can get one fo a K note, I am sure his is new too!

tomorrow $1021, Kamell will do you right (rideaide)

Just because ServiceHonda (or whoever) has a price listed does not mean it's available from Honda anymore. ServiceHonda doesn't stock any (or many) parts. They place a big order with Honda every day to fill their orders. If they can't get it from Honda, they can't get it.

I thought that it was hard to find? I know retail is or was $1200.00. I was just offering a place that has one in stock. I would go for the $891.00. Thats a great price. :devil:

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