06 650L Oil Burn?

Hello all,

I bought my 06 650L new and change the oil every 1000 miles, followed the breakin procedure to the tee, changed oil at 300 and adjusted valves at 2000. It has 5600 miles on it now mostly at Hwy cruising speeds with some ripping in between. Is it normal to lose a little over half a quart of the 2 quarts I normally put in every 1000 miles or is something wrong?

Any feed back apreciated.


I beleive the engine is a loose-tolerance one, at least in today's standards, and as such, they do use oil under normal conditions.

Others on the board might be able to post their consumption experience (mine onlyu has ~700 miles on it)

Mine may drop an oz between changes every 1500K and it;s got 10,000 on it now.

They're very sensitive to the oil check procedure. You may get different levels based on how how the engine is, how long after shut down that it's checked, which cheek your tongue is in and the phase of the moon.

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