06 450f

Just wondering what the best air filter to run? OEM has a tear in it. Also would a reusable oil filter be better than paper filters. If so what kind? What kind of grease do you use to grease the steering stem bearings and swingarm bearings? Thanks

I would go with a No Toil air filter... they are super easy to clean, last almost forever and offer great protection. For the oil filter, I use the Comp Flow.... it even comes with a fancy cover too. The filter is a very high quality piece.

I'll second the Twin Air and Maxima FFT.

Been using this combo for over 20 years and have never ingested dirt. The TA's also last a long time.

Of course, I'm also more anal than a proctologist about the maintenance of it, so I'm sure that doesn't hurt. :devil:


Thanks for the info! I was also wondering what kind of grease to use on the steering stem bearings?

Bel-ray or maxima waterproof grease works very well.

For the twin air filter do you guys run the pro flow kit with the aluminum cage and the filter with the backfire screen laminated already in the filter or just the air filter? thanks again for all the help!

I use a "normal" filter and the OEM screen. Tests of my own and an extensive project by Doug Henry's '04 SM bike builders found no advantage to removing the screen. It's a waste of money.

3rd vote for the twin air, screen in, with maxima fft filter oil.

I also use filter skins in ultra dusty conditions.

I use TwinAir in my '06, love it. I only got to use it about once so far though, because on my 2nd time out I crashed, and now have broken bones...I use the regular screen and all that.

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