White Brother Exhaust Help

2006 WR450, I just bought a white brothers system for it but I have a few questions. The whitebrothers site doesnt show a pipe made for my bike but I talked to their support team and they said its the yz pipe. The only reason they dont show it is because the yz pipe is at 102 db where the wr pipe would need to be 96 db or lower. They sent me an 06 yzf pipe. Will that mount up and work with my WR? I thought they changed the frame of the YZ in 06 so will it still fit? Also they said I dont need to rejet the carb. Does that sound right? Any help would be great. Thanks Guys.

what jets are you running now?

what free mods have been done to the bike (air box etc ..)?

what's your altitude/humidity ?

Currently running stock jets. Changing the exhaust is the first thing I have done to it. I was planning on taking out the throttle stop tomorrow and cutting the gray wire as well... I am in So cal and ride a lot in the dessert or anywhere I can find land to ride so all different places.

They should have sent an '05 YZ pipe. The '06 will likely not work due to the redesign. As far as rejetting the carb, you may need to, you may not. The pipe has to be mounted and the bike ridden to get a definitive answer...SC

I think that the '06 YZ exhaust won't fit on the '05 WR. The aluminum chassis of the YZ has different mountings for the exhaust. They should sent you the '05 YZ exhaust.

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