Throttle cable adjustment.

I've got a 99 wr400 and what i want to know is what is the easiest way to adj those blasted twin throttle cables. everytime i try i get it wrong. Any help would be nice.



I've always done it by trial-and-error...start out where both cables are taut...I believe the goal is to get equal tension on both the pull and should be easy to twist, and come back without any hesitation...

It's best to take a picture or mark it before you remove them (hindsight is 20/20...)

tight first the one that twist the throttle until their is no free-play at the throttle, then loosen it a little until having free-play (according to the manual), after done with that adjust the return to balance with the pulling.

like it was said before: trial-and-error.

you can adjust by the manual.

good luck!

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