426 steering/turning

I was gonna do a search for this but searching was disabled so I'll post it here. I've got a 01 426 that I need help getting to turn. I thought I read somewhere to raise the fork in the trees to help? Some of it is technique I need to work on but some is the bike too, the front end just never seems real planted. Thanks for any advice

Start with setting your sag.

What front tire are you using? If a Dunlop 739FA or G - Scrap it and go with a 752 or Maxiss IT. Anything other that what the bike comes with stock, Also - I had my suspension redone and can't believe the difference in made in Turning/Steering. Single best mod to date I have done on my 426. Also make sure to get as much weight up front on the tank when turning. Makes a big big difference since these bikes have a tendency to be a little top heavy.

Along with some of the other things suggested, you may need to take a look at how much you weigh. Do you have much play in the clickers or are you having to turn the clickers all the way in for the most part? If you bottom frequently or you can't get the front end to settle, you may want to consider stiffer fork springs if you weigh more than 190 or so. I haven't messed with the back shock a whole lot as it never really bottomed, but my forks needed stiffer springs bad. I weigh about 220ish and since they were put in I can adjust more accurately and I can pretty much point the front end in a direction and it'll go there. Just some thoughts for you.

Kizzle- I am going to have to get some new springs and I weigh about the same as you. What weight springs did you go for and where did you get them?

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