Just my luck, rear axle rebuild

After my last trip out to Buffalo range I decided it was time to get a new rear tire. **this isn't a tire thread** I went with a Maxxis IS, I figured I would give it a shot and try it out. So I head out to the garage and go to pull the rear axle out, and its stuck, good. And yes I took the chain off and loosened the adjusters. The bearings were fine, still sealed and turned, but I couldn't get the axle to slide out. As much as i hated to i grabbed the fine adjustment tool (hammer) and started to give the axle a tap taking great care not to mess up the threads. Nothing, didn't budge!! I try a little more and more and nothing. Grab my manual and check out the parts diagram and there is no reason why it isn't comming off. Time goes by and now I have the 4lb mini sledge and i am starting it give this thing a good hit. I figured I have to get it off at some point because not only do i have a new tire, but there is somthing seriously wrong in there. I got the axle to move a little, but all it did was pop the bearing/seal out the other side. I was loosing hope. As much as I hated to do it, I grabbed the hax saw and literally cut the axle off by going through the spacers between the hub and swing arm. I hated that, cutting parts off of my bike. Well it all came off and sure enough, the sleeve that is between the bearings inside the hub had rusted solid to the axle. I went over to the yamie dealer and just about bent over the counter and let them go at me. 180$$ for new bearings/seals/axle/nut/spacers. My nice new tire from thumper has turned into a week long project. Parts should be in today, hopefully. That hurt, cutting my bike apart. I don't know how the water got in there but it sure messed things up good. The new tire fits good and hopefully I can get back out on the trails here today.

ADVICE::::: when you have your rear tire off-Grease the axle :thumbsdn::devil:

Thats a hard lesson learned. Good luck with it!

ADVICE::::: when you have your rear tire off-Grease the axle :thumbsdn::devil:

Lol...sorry you had to learn that the hard way. That sucks. Read your manual and you will find out all sorts of useful tips like that :thumbsdn:

Do you do many water crossings? If your rear wheel was like that then you'd better get some grease on your front axle and wheel bearings, and all of your shock linkage.

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance!

shoulda ordered your parts from bike bandit or something. the stealer rips you off big time

should have went to ebay and bought a whole new wheel, would have been cheaper

OH NO!!! I have the same problem on my 426!! It will turn and all but it wont push out, it just pushes out the bearing on the chain side... Will i have to cut the axle off or what should i do??

If the Axle is rusted to the bearings you really have no other choise than to cut the bugger out.. :devil: Again... If you do your maintenance proper by using a light Coat of grease on the axle all will be good.. :thumbsdn:

I put a light coat of grease on the axle when i put it back in thats the thing...

I put a light coat of grease on the axle when i put it back in thats the thing...
How long ago was that? If you greased it then there should be no problem. I keep mine greased regularly but sometimes I still need to give it a couple taps to get it started, but then it comes right out.

Like everyone else said clean your axles and always apply a light coat of grease to the axles every month or every other month, if you ride in wet conditions. I don't mean to rain on your parade but if your axle is rusted, sounds like you may need to service your rear suspension linkage and swingarm by cleaning and grease. I like to use anti-seize on my axle adjusters where they screw into the swingarm and on my triple clamp bolts, basically anywhere a steel bolt threads into aluminum. IMO you may want to also check your brake pad pins as they may be rusted too. Clean your pins an apply a very, very light coating of grease and and put anti-seize on the pin threads.

Hey sorry for the delay on the reply, I had this problem about two weeks ago. All back together now and its just fine. I did grease the hell out of everything and also greased the brake pins. I have already gone through the front axle when i did the fork seals. I think this winter I will tear the swing arm and front stearing off to make sure things are still ok up there.

If your pushing the bearings out the chain side you have the same exact probem that I had. My advice is to cut it off and replace everything, and get back ridding!! I cut through the spacer on the chain side after i had pushed the axle out as far as i could. then you kinda slide it out but be careful not to screw up the brake caliper bracket where it attaches to the swing arm.

Good luck

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