Warning Will Robinson! The Hammer is coming down on noise AND aftermarket exhaust!

In the latest AMA rag, (love the new look!!) "Caught in the Middle...Riders in Two Cities Face RESTRICTIVE Noise Laws" there is an article on noise and exhaust systems.

I don't know exactly what bikes are targeted, on or off road bikes but here are the details, in short order.


In two cities on opposite ends of the country - Albuquerque, NM and (GOD SAVE US) Portsmount, NH(!!!!!) - officials have taken a hardline stand on the subject of noise that could have serious implications for ALL of us. Basically, the ONLY exhaust system that seems to be legal in either of these communities is the one THAT CAME ON YOUR BIKE FROM THE MANUFACTURER.

Albuquerque's law will affect all bikes manucatured since 1983 (1983...give me an f-ing break!!)

For the City of Portsmouth (30 minutes from ME!), the police have "Decided to enforce a STATE law that BANS modifying motorcycle exhaust systems to make them louder.

The Police will be looking for the OEM STAMP on the exhaust systems.

Mother F-er!

Anyone interested in a Stroker Exhaust system...??? :D:D:D:D:D:)

I don't know how much I would sweat it just yet. The aftermarket manufactures are pretty good at filing lawsuits against states for unfair market restrictions and hampering of fair trade. I'm sure someone will file an injunction.

But I hear Ya....

Bonzai :)

I am sure the target of all of this are the Harleys that rattle your windows a mile away.

i am also sure these companies will give a heafty donation to some damn campain. Saying" wink wink nudge nudge dont pass these laws here is a few million dollars." that is why the tabacco industry is still around. buy the way any one have a light?

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