New Guy Here From Oregon/Washington

Hey everybody! I'm goin' to pick up my new bike tomorrow: a used '94 XR650L. I'm really excited to ride on some mellow dirt roads to start with and work my way up in the genre. I've never ridden a dirt bike of any kind. I do a ton of street riding on an 'o3 RC51, mostly long trips and a few track days. I've been riding for about three years. I'm a younger guy @ 22 and I work as a merchant mariner (engineering). I love working on my own bikes, and anyone elses for that matter! This forum was recommended to me by a buddy and so far it's been great reading.

Here's a photo of myself above Hell's Canyon, Oregon taken this past August.


Welcome!! I made the switch from a RC51 to a XR650R. Be careful on the street until you get some experience, it doesn't lean over as far in most conditions. I washed out my front in parking lots a few times screwing around. They take more maintenance than a street bike but its so much more fun when you can ride street and dirt on the same bike.

I sold my 96 Cbr900rr in 04, for a mint (600mi) 2003 XR650L that was showroom new and bone stock. The bike has to be the best all around bike I have ever owned, and at 41yrs of age thats been about 15 bikes at least. Its a blast to ride especially when modded preoperly, and can go anywhere. You will love it especially where you live, since theres a ton of good adventuring to be had I can imagine.

I am sure your gonna like it on road too, its more comfortable sitting up and you can see traffic and sights so much better. Run a full synthetic oil, check level often and change oil about every 500-700mi. And adjust valves when needed, they are otherwise bulletproof.

Welcome to TT, post some pics when you get her. Got some pics in my garage as do many other members if you want mod ideas.


Welcome to Thumpertalk, turbowhine.....Enjoy your new ride... :devil:

Welcome Turbowhine, nice screen name, I listen to my turbo whine every day, on my 1 ton Dodge mega cab, I have done a few mods on it and now you can really hear that turbo whine. :devil:

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I'm gonna be reading all of the technical issue threads and listen closely for good maintenance tips, performance mods will come a'plenty after a few miles...Off the bat my bike needs new fork boots- was thinking about neoprene ones. And I'll weld up a little rack for the rear fender. I'm stoked to get out and throw some dirt around!

rebelventurer- of all the forums I post on, your one of the few to pick up on what my screen name means. You're right on. Some of the turbines on the ships' engines that I work on are over 8 feet in diameter and spinning at 12,000+ rpm make over 120db of noise! It's crazy! Over 50,000 hp two stroke diesels @ 1,000,000 ft/lb of torque.

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