kickstand conversion-oem wr to yz

I have tried and broken an aftermarket swingarm-mounted side stand for my yz400 and then purchased all of the oem parts for a wr stand in hopes of mounting it. There is no mounting bracket/plate holder on the frame of the yz. Has anyone else mounted an oem kick stand from a wr to a yz?

I have a Bajadesigns kickstand on my YZ400. If memory serves me it was $150. It used all WR parts plus one extra aluminum bracket. They said that because of an increase in the yamaha parts they wern't going to be doing that any more.

Here is a few pictures of my kickstand and the small bracket that it uses.

If memory serves me it mounts to the bottom chain roller via the stock yamaha bracket and then to the sub frame mount via that aluminum bracket.








I have the PMB. Works great and uses the YZ frame so you don't have to weld like you would have to putting the WR stand on it.

Like the man said PMB is the way to go. Sweet pieces of work.

One more vote for the PMB . costs a little more than the trail-tech , but the form and function are worth it . :devil:

My PMB is the envy of many a trailrides :devil: Good stuff :thumbsdn:

hopefully you can go return those OEM parts you just purchased. :devil:

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