XR650L Fuel Screw Replacement

Anybody know of a replacement fuel screw for the carb on this bike. The cap on my screw is missing so I can't adjust it. There is only a thin shaft sticking down. Went to the Honda shop and the fiche does not even list the part.

Has anyone replaced theirs? If I can't do it I'll have to resort to JB Welding on something I can turn it with.

I'd go the JB weld route.


I would imagine that the cap was removed so it could be adjusted. Due to smog regs the screw has a cap that prevents richer than stock settings. It was removed so it could be made richer.

One simple thing to do is to cut a little slot into the end with a Dermel tool and a cutoff disc. Cut the slot so you can use a small flat blade screwdriver on it. Otherwise leave it alone and use some pliers.


The screw takes a 2mm allen wrench. I cut an allen wrench to about 3/4" and JB Welded it to the screw. I'll let you know if it holds.

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